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Looking for Feedback

BAPTISM- If you've never been baptized and would like to receive that gift while proclaiming your faith, talk to pastor Ryan. SUNDAY- Membership class resumes at 9:30 in Pastor Ryan's office. Sunday School Board meets after service. SUNDAY 6:00 PM - Did Pastor Ryan do anything on sabbatical?

We have been talking about a Secular age. One of the guides for us to center our focus is a Watchword. This Sunday we will be discovering what Watchword God has for Clyde Park. If you would like to participate in this discernment but were unable to attend, here is the worksheet from last week.

Watchword is a maxim which encompasses an individual or a group’s most central belief or aim. “Jesus is Victor” “Die so Jesus may live!” “Jesus is the finder of the lost”

“God makes a way out of no way” “Holiness unto the Lord”

Working alone, What is the most important verse(s) for your faith?

What does it (they) say about God, about humanity? Does it instruct us on how to live?

Could you summarize this in a 3-5 word statement? Among the people at your table, is there a consistent theme?

Do you have any thoughts as to what is our church’s most central belief? Homework: This week spend time in discernment over the watch words. Is the spirit leading you to any watch word for us? (Don’t be selfish in this process, a communal watchword we’re not rooting for our team, we’re seeking God together.)

Begin thinking about how we could invite people into centered delight.

One idea Pastor Ryan found during Sabbatical was from Jay Y Kim who realized it can often be difficult to get people coming to discipleship events. They have chosen to “Linger Longer” after church. How can we encourage people to linger?

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS Starting Wednesday April 19 we will be doing something new. Pastor Ryan thought that you might want to tell him what sounds interesting to you. Please fill out this form and return it to him.

Please Rank each category 1-4, then rank 1-4 within each category. 1 being top priority, 4 being last.

Old Testament Study ___________ _________ History (1&2 Kings, 1& 2 Chronicles, Esther etc)

_________ Poetry (Psalms, Proverbs Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes)

_________ Major Prophet (Isaiah, Jeremiah etc)

_________ Minor Prophet Is there an Old Testament Book you would like to study more? __________________

New Testament Study _____________ _________ Gospel

_________ Pauline Epistle (Romans, Galatians etc) _________ Other Epistle (James, 1 Peter, 1 John etc) Is there a New Testament Book you would like to study more? __________________ Book Study ________

_________ The Gospel Precisely (6 weeks)

Award-winning author Matthew Bates shows that the gospel is about King Jesus. It is about the cross and resurrection--yet surprisingly much more. Find yourself empowered for discipleship and prepared to share the gospel effectively. Includes resources for personal reflection and group discussion.

________Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (9 weeks) Peter Scazzero learned the hard way: you can't be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. Even though he was the pastor of a growing church, he did what most people do--avoid conflict in the name of Christianity; ignore his anger, sadness, and fear; use God to run from God; and live without boundaries.

Eventually God awakened him to a biblical integration of emotional health and the spiritual practice of slowing down and quieting your life for to experience a firsthand relationship with Jesus. It created nothing short of a spiritual revolution in Scazzero, in his church, and now in thousands of other churches. ________Apostles Creed (12 weeks)

This twelve week study looks at the essentials of the Christian faith hoping to expand our love of God and neighbor. __________ Other Is there some subject you would like to study more? If so, what is it? ____________________

NEW TECH!! On Sunday the Board approved switching our giving platform as well as creating a new church app. I (pastor Ryan) am still in the process of setting it up, but be ready for the giving system to change and for a better way to keep track of church happenings.

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