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Important Updates!

Dear Church Family, Midweek Services I wanted to remind everyone that tonight we start our 3 week membership class. It will be a great time learning about Clyde Park as well as the Church of the Nazarene. Additionally, we have finished Life Together as our Wednesday night study and tonight at 7:00 in the sanctuary we will be hosting a prayer meeting. This will include a brief time of study, a time of reflection and of prayer. Since Pentecost is Sunday our focus will be on the Holy Spirit. Covid Update On Sunday Night the Board talked about the new CDC guidelines. As I have said before, our church has every possible opinion about covid, masks, distancing, etc. Fortunately what unifies us is not our opinions on those things, but rather Jesus! We decided that we didn't want to be a church which requires masks from the unvaccinated and then permits freedom to the vaccinated. Dividing the church this way seems unkind. We also wanted to give people more time to get the vaccine. We still have vulnerable people who are unvaccinated attending. Therefore, we are asking that everyone wear the masks at church for an additional two weeks. Our first mask-less Sunday will be June 6th. We realize that this will be too soon for some people. Additionally, delaying this is too slow for others. We ask for patience from all perspectives. We are trying our best to lead safely while also making everyone happy. June 6th will have one other exciting change. We are returning to our old schedule.

Starting on June 6th we will have Sunday School (for adults) at 9:30 and Worship at 10:45. We still do not have the staff ready to open the nursery, children's Sunday School and Children's church. We hope to restart all children's ministries - nursery, Sunday school, children's church- on July 4th. Part of the delay is we still need vaccinated volunteers to work those areas. If you are willing to serve, please let us know! Please continue to pray for the church. Stand firm in the faith. Be Courageous. Be Strong. Do all things in love. God Bless, Pastor Ryan

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