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Homecoming Week!

We have hit the crunch time of homecoming week! Tonight's Community Dinner is Hot Dogs, coney sauce, pasta salad, chickpea salad. Dinner is at 5:30, study starts at 6:30. BUT we could also use some help finishing some projects for the weekend. If you want to help set up the gym or get together the history boards, join in at 6:30. We were unable to pre-order, but we will have Homecoming shirts available through our online store here.

Saturday night at 6 we will have our Hymn Sing and Ice Cream in the gym. If you want to submit a song early, please fill out this survey. Don't forget to invite your friends to the Homecoming Service and Potluck on Sunday. (We still have Sunday School!) Sunday Night we will have Free Indeed in Concert in the Sanctuary! Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

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