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Big Things Happening

This has already been an exciting week at church.

First, if you have not yet heard, a Wyoming School District Bus driver made a large mistake and drove into the portico. There is a team stabilizing the structure and assessing the damage today. We’ll have to get insurance involved to repair it. For now we ask that you use the side entrance to the sanctuary (it is in the north of the building), the double glass doors on the  into the cafe (south eastern side), or the door by my office (south western side). 

We will update the church on the repairs as we know more information.

What would have been the news of the week is that we purchased a bus!  Since the beginning of the year board members have been looking at buses. When this one became available, we knew it was the right choice. It will still need some work done on it (decals, undercoating, minor repairs), but we think it is a godsend.

Community Dinner

Tonight’s dinner is baked potatoes.

After dinner we will be starting a new Bible study on the gospel of Luke. Having wrapped up Mark last week and I thought it would be good to study Jesus’ life again. We will be able to see how Luke presents Jesus life and through this study, I hope that we will become more like Jesus as we relearn this Gospel. Saturday Morning we will have a Mother's Day Brunch! All ladies are invited. We hope you will have a wonderful time together. Sunday Morning- Don't forget we will have a graduation celebration for Kyle and Rebecca.


Don't forget we have a new church application you can download here:


Don't forget our Sundays series in Eastertide we will be exploring the Psalms where I expect we will encounter God. As I said at the beginning of 2024, being made into Christlikeness happens when we let God form us and send us out in mission. But those two only happen as a result of Encountering God- that is by becoming aware of God’s presence in our lives. This Sunday we’ll explore Psalm 98.

Pentecost Party

Pentecost is on May 19th and is regarded as the birthday of the Church. Thousands of churches celebrate this day with a Birthday Cake. I thought it would be fun for us to throw the church a Birthday Party. We'll have a potluck, so bring a dish to share, games, and a birthday cake! I hope you'll join in the fun and celebrate the good that God is doing throughout time and the world with God's Church.

Dune Buggy! In June we're doing our annual Dune buggy rides. After the ride we will head to Gary and Bonnie's lake house for a meal and hanging out. This is a great time of fellowship. If interested let us know here:

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