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The Ascension

Tomorrow, May 30th is the day that the church celebrates Jesus' ascension. Matthew Bates argues "Although all the elements of the gospel remain irreducibly vital, Jesus' reign is the most important stage for us today... the age we find ourselves in now is defined by the Christ's dynamic rule as he serves as the king of heaven and earth at the right hand of God the father while his enemies are being subdued." While I completely agree, often Christians forget that Jesus has already won the victory.

Today Robert Mueller gave a public statement. I saw people interpret his report as claiming that the President was exonerated while others say it was Mueller's way of telling congress to start impeachment trials. Similarly, though the 2020 presidential election is over 17 months away, the electoral process has already begun. Last night Representative Amash held a town hall and there were several in the crowd who plan on running against him for his representative seat. Politics consume the lives of many people. If politics are not a person's thing, finances might be. At the time of writing, the DJIA has dropped 2018 points. May has been a bad month for the markets. The US Bonds signal that a recession may be looming. if I were to do a straw pole of most people, Americans would say that the world is getting worse. We live with less and less hope. The scriptures, however, reveal that our hope should not be found in the things of this world. Our hope is not found in presidents, representatives, or stocks. Our hope is found in the fact that Jesus is the ascended king. Jesus is already ruling. Sure Satan may be called the God of this age in 2 Cor. 4:4, but Colossians 1:13-14 says that we have been brought into the kingdom of the Son. As Bates puts it "Satan's power is limited because it has been decisively broken through the cross and resurrection; the new age of Jesus' kingly rule is currently overwhelming the old age." This week may you place your hope and allegiance in Jesus, the risen and ascended one. May you be able to live lives free of worry and concern because we know who holds us and who wins the victory.

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