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Tacos Tonight!

Don’t forget to join us for community dinner tonight at 6:00pm. We’re having tacos! Two New Announcements March 19- In the fall we had a membership class and some people couldn’t make the start, but told me they wanted to become members. We will start a new membership class March 19 at 9:30. The first week we will meet in Pastor Ryan’s office. We may move to another room based on attendance. Some people have asked, “What did you do on sabbatical?” Mostly pray, reflect, and study. But I learned a lot, so I’m inviting you to a new Sunday PM series called “What I Learned on Sabbatical.” We’re starting this on March 19 in the gym at 6:00 pm. Missions Market is this week! Sunday at 6:00 pm. This is a great time for everyone to learn about what God is doing in the Asia Pacific! Come to the Table- this is an intensive discipleship event with the district. For more information see here- This Sunday we'll be covering the Lies we believe which cause us to fall to temptation: The Lies of Security. God's gonna show up, will you? See you then!

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