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Support the Teens tonight!

Support the Teens tonight @ 5:30 TONIGHT dinner will be served from 5:30 - 6:30ish - we'll keep the food out and warm for adults who cannot make it early enough to eat. The teens are serving and all profits go towards the teen fundraising. BAPTISM- If you've never been baptized and would like to receive that gift while proclaiming your faith, talk to pastor Ryan. SUNDAY- Membership class resumes at 9:30 in Pastor Ryan's office. This week we're covering the articles of faith. If you're not a member, want to know more about the Church of the Nazarene or Clyde Park, OR if you just want to chill. Come meet in my office. SUNDAY 6:00 PM - Did Pastor Ryan do anything on sabbatical?

Last week we talked about the secular age and how it is leading people to ever accelerated lives which end up in alienation. While it covered a lot of ground, we were diagnosing our cultural moment. This week we will begin our collective discernment on what to do about it. This will be an important conversation about where I see God leading us, and hopefully God reveals the same thing to you. Whats happening with Easter? The week before easter is always a full one, but a good one. We start with Palm Sunday on April 2. We'll have palm branches ready for waving and singing Hosanna. WEDNESDAY APRIL 5- NOTHING- yup, no community dinner, nothing. THURSDAY, APRIL 6 - We'll have our Maundy Thursday service in the gymnasium. This will be an experience to remember the institution of the Lord's supper. FRIDAY APRIL 7- Good Friday Service this is a service of darkness. We will read the scriptures and extinguish candles as we remember our Lord's sacrifice. SATURDAY APRIL - no church activities planned, but we encourage you spend some time in contemplation of Jesus' death. SUNDAY APRIL 9:

7:30 AM - Sunrise Service in the Cafe 8:30 AM Brunch in the Gym

10:00 AM - EASTER EGG HUNT - yes we choose to the Egg hunt before Church- invite your friends and neighbors for the hunt and for church.

10:30 AM- EASTER SERVICE! Wear your Bonnet or Bowtie in celebration of our Easter Offering. This is going to be an awesome service complete with BAPTISM and welcoming NEW MEMBERS! NEW TECH!! On Sunday the Board approved switching our giving platform as well as creating a new church app. I (pastor Ryan) am still in the process of setting it up, but be ready for the giving system to change and for a better way to keep track of church happenings.

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