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It's a hot one.

It is HOT! Stating the obvious there. But because of that, we're moving community dinner to the foyer! We're having build your own cold cut sandwiches, chips, pasta and potato salad. Dinner starts at 5:30 June 3 BIG WORK DAY We have a LOT of project's we're working on this summer. On Saturday June 3rd, we're going to try to tackle as many as possible. We are hoping to build the fence, construct the playground, finish planting, and start the Pergola. Invite your friends and neighbors and let's see how much we can complete in 1 day! June 4th- Annual Meeting Each year the Church of the Nazarene requires its churches to have an annual meeting where departments will report on the yearly progress. In the past we have done this on a Sunday Evening, but this year we will be doing it on Sunday Morning. You'll get to hear about all the great work God is doing through us. Additionally we will be having church board elections this day. June 10th Dune Ride at Silver Lake Last Year a crew went out to Silver lake for rides on the Dunes. We're heading back this year. Afterwards we'll grab food together- potentially at Gary and Bonnie Becker's lake house. July 9th Naz Safe Training We want to make sure that we keep our kids safe. Every two years we make sure that anyone who works with minors complete's our Naz Safe training. In order to prepare for VBS we're hosting a Naz Safe training after church on July 9 and July 25. July 16th and 17th- District Assembly July 16th will be the ordination Service at Indian Lake Nazarene Campground in Vicksburg, MI. On this night the District will recognize John Ashby as he receives his first District License.

July 25th Naz Safe Training

This training is for people who are unable to attend on July 9th. If you attended then, you do not need to come back. August 7-11 Vacation Bible Party! Mark it on the Calendars, we're inviting all the kids to come have a party with all it's Twists and turns. For more information, see here:

Sept 17th- Make plans now to be at church on Sept. 17th. Every year we try to have one Sunday when everyone who calls Clyde Park home at church. This is a great day to invite friends and family.

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