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Is There Church Tomorrow?

This has been quite the snow the past few days and while we might have known it was going to happen, I was not ready for it. Some have asked if we meeting for church tomorrow or not. 1st. Sunday school is cancelled because we are having some issues with the heat in the educational wing. We had a tech come out, but he cannot get the part until Monday. 2nd- Tomorrow is a day when I might have considered cancelling, especially since we have live streaming. But we have decided to leave that up to you. Worst case scenario, I, Pastor Ryan can trudge through the snow to the church and lead the service alone. (And that would be a worst case scenario wouldn't it? HA!) But I thought some of you would like to be present when I recorded that. So if you want to brave the weather, come on in. But also, be safe. We trust that the Holy Spirit can meet us in the morning if we make ourselves available to Him.

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