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Happy New Year

Well the world finally caught up with the church. The Church year starts with advent, but the world finally started 2023. I hope your year has started well. I know I am excited for what God will bring us this year. I do not know who if any of us does New Years Resolutions, but I thought I might suggest one to our church. I think it is something all of us can do. Be intentional in our discipleship. We do not become like Jesus accidentally. It requires us focusing on it. To that end, be prepared for some new developments in our discipleship process this Spring. For now I highly recommend you get involved in a Sunday School class. We always have classes for our children, we have Bill and Will's Sunday School classes which are excellent. STARTING THIS SUNDAY WE HAVE A NEW CLASS! Kinda... ! We have a temporary new teacher- Emily Shelden. She will be leading the class which Laura Sluys has been teaching. It meets in the youth room, but is open to all ages. For a short time Emily will be leading the class through Reappearing Church: The hope for renewal in our Post Christian Culture. It will be a 13-14 week study and I promise you will not walk away from the class the same. Of course, you won't be the same from joining any of our classes. Being intentional in your growth in grace always changes people. Speaking of discipleship- Wednesday nights offer a great place to grow. Don't forget tonight's Community Dinner. We're having Chili! Also, this Sunday is one of my favorites all year! We will be remembering our Baptisms as a part of the service. If you've never been baptized and would like to be. We can do it this week! Let Pastor Ryan know! Looking forward to being with everyone tonight and this Sunday! -Pastor Ryan

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