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Dear Church Family, We are all ready to say so long to 2020, aren't we? It has been a difficult year for most of us. I know that I am so tired of streaming church, not having potlucks or parties. Church is family and we miss ours dearly. Fortunately we will be resuming in person worship SOON! The board spoke at length this week about when we ought to resume. We took into account the need for congregating including the effects on mental, emotional, and physical health. We also considered when the schools would be resuming, the new more contagious strain, and the timeline between New Years Eve and when we next/again worship together. After prayer and deliberation, we decided that we would resume in person Sunday Morning on January 17th. 9:00 AM Worship in the Gym 10:00 AM SS 11:00 AM Worship in the Sanctuary Wednesday Night Bible Study will resume in person on January 20th. We realize that many might be let down at the further delay. The board is also let down. We have never enjoyed making these decisions. We all desperately want to be together. But we also ask for further patience. Many of us are still mourning the losses from the 5 funerals we've had since October. We don't want to say goodbye to anyone else. We want to re-iterate that paper or cloth masks are required. In the past we have been lenient and allowed for plastic face coverings, but new research shows that the plastic face coverings do not work, so please do not use only a plastic face covering for your mask. We also ask that people continue to maintain their distance, as this new strain may or may not be in Michigan. The board has also requested that I take particular care. Emmy is pregnant and as all of her pregnancies are high risk, we don't want to further complicate the pregnancy. Nor do we want to risk either her or the baby's health. So I will be maintaining distance from people. Please do not be insulted if I stand back. Its for the sake of our future daughter. Don't forget today is the LAST DAY for 2020 giving. You can give online here: If you want to mail or drop off a check, make sure it is dated Dec. 31st. On Sunday morning we will continue the Zoom Coffee Hour. And the service will be on both Youtube and Facebook. I will send out the Youtube link once it goes live. The other links are all available below.

Coffe Hour @ 9:30:

FB Live: Hope to see you soon! ​​​​​​​Pastor Ryan

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