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What's Happening this Week?

Updated: May 10

Tonight 5:30-6:30 The Jennings, some neighbors who come to it are providing Community Dinner. From 6:30-7:30 we'll have a study for the adults, children, and teens. The adults are reading Mark 1:29-39. Friday Night we are decorating for the Mother's Day Luncheon. If you would like to help be at the church 6:00 pm. The Mother's Day Luncheon is Saturday 2-4pm. On Monday Janis asked if you "If you are planning to attend the Mother's Day luncheon please send me a text (Janis). If you've already let me know you don't need to tell me again. Thank you!" The Community Garden is open! The drip lines are on and the soil is ready. We also have 4 beds available. If you would like to rent one, talk to Emmy Quanstrom. It was brought to my attention that I had not given the church an update on the community garden. As you may know, last year we built the garden with a few hundred dollars from the church, and a $1000 grant from the district. We received this grant again this year. We have already added 10k lbs of new soil, installed a new, stronger fence, and a deer abatement system which hopefully will work better. Last year we had 14 gardeners in our 19 raised beds. Over 40 people helped establish the garden and maintain it, many of whom do not attend the church. The Big Project- On Sunday I announced a fairly large project. This did not receive the excitement I had expected, but rather made some people feel poorly for various reasons. Let me begin by apologizing for that. It is obvious that I did not lead well. But I want to go further than apologize and invite the whole congregation to a Town Hall style meeting on Sunday, May 21st. 5pm in the Fellowship Hall we'll take questions and I will try to better explain the vision. I think I did that poorly on Sunday. Please come out and let your voice be heard!

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