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There's a lot in this one.

Dinner tonight is Baked Potatoes! We will continue with our dinner start time at 6:00pm, BUT NEXT WEEK dinner will be served from 5:30 - 6:30ish - we'll keep the food out and warm for adults who cannot make it early enough to eat. This may mean some eating while we watch the Chosen, but we will have a bit more time after for socializing. Saturday- if you are interested in the district discipleship event, sign up here. BAPTISM- If you've never been baptized and would like to receive that gift while proclaiming your faith, talk to pastor Ryan. SUNDAY- Its a busy one. Membership class starts at 9:30 in Pastor Ryan's office. If you're not a member, want to know more about the Church of the Nazarene or Clyde Park, OR if you just want to chill. Come meet in my office. SUNDAY 6:00 PM - Did Pastor Ryan do anything on sabbatical?

YES! Come find out some of the things I learned in this 3-4 week series. Some of this time will include prayer for a new vision for growth God gave me. This week we'll cover the cultural moment and how the church meets the moment. WEDNESDAY March 22- the TEENS are hosting Spaghetti dinner. It will be a great time to support them. Whats happening with Easter? The week before easter is always a full one, but a good one. We start with Palm Sunday on April 2. We'll have palm branches ready for waving and singing Hosanna. WEDNESDAY APRIL 5- NOTHING- yup, no community dinner, nothing. THURSDAY, APRIL 6 - We'll have our Maundy Thursday service in the gymnasium. This will be an experience to remember the institution of the Lord's supper. FRIDAY APRIL 7- Good Friday Service this is a service of darkness. We will read the scriptures and extinguish candles as we remember our Lord's sacrifice. SATURDAY APRIL - no church activities planned, but we encourage you spend some time in contemplation of Jesus' death. SUNDAY APRIL 9:

7:30 AM - Sunrise Service in the Cafe 8:30 AM Brunch in the Gym

10:00 AM - EASTER EGG HUNT - yes we choose to the Egg hunt before Church- invite your friends and neighbors for the hunt and for church.

10:30 AM- EASTER SERVICE! This is going to be an awesome service complete with BAPTISM and welcoming NEW MEMBERS! NEW TECH!! I told you there was a lot in here... On Sunday the Board approved switching our giving platform as well as creating a new church app. I (pastor Ryan) am still in the process of setting it up, but be ready for the giving system to change and for a better way to keep track of church happenings.

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