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Spaghetti Dinner

Weeks ago I peached about three foci for the upcoming future. They are Encounter, Formation, and Mission. I thought that those who read this might decide to spend 5-10 minutes reflecting on these words. When were you last aware of an encounter with God? How, specifically, are you letting God form you? How have you moved out in mission?

Tonight's dinner is the teen fundraiser- Spaghetti dinner. These dinners help support the youth groups like this weekend's lock in. Chelsea and John are bringing 20 teens to the district event. Let's support them in prayer on Friday night.

This Sunday our Sermon series continues with Psalm 1. To prepare please read the psalm in at least 2 different translations. I find that when I prepare to encounter God, I am more likely to remember that experience.

After Church on Sunday we have a chance to decorate the church for the Harvest Festival. Join us for a great time of work and fellowship. This could be a chance to be on mission for Jesus! Tuesday night is the Harvest Festival! Volunteers please be here no later than 5:30 so we can make sure everything is set up in time. Don't forget next Wednesday is a unique service. NO COMMUNITY DINNER! instead we will have an all saints service at 7:00 pm.

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