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No Community Dinner

Hello Church Family, I wanted to remind everyone that tonight we do not have Kid's Club, youth group, bible study, or community dinner. BUT we still have room for Thanksgiving dinner. Doors will open at noon, dinner will be at 4pm. If you have not signed up yet, that is fine! Just come out. We will have a great time giving God thanks and celebrating as a family. Additionally, you won't want to miss this Sunday for several reasons. First we will have our annual Thanksgiving Offering. This is an opportunity to support missions around the world. And Kyle will be preaching. At the beginning of the semester he told me he needed an opportunity to preach for one of his classes. I believe a part of Clyde Park's mission is to help train future pastors, so I said this Sunday would work. But as you know, a preacher can only preach as well as the congregation prays for him or her. Please pray for Kyle as he prepares, and don't skip out. Show up to support him. Come expecting the holy Spirit to Speak through him. Of course we have plenty of other events in the month of December, you can see those below.

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