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Harvest Festival and other events!

As we have been decorating for tonight's Harvest Festival, we began to count the children we ministered to in the past week. There were 15 kids at Kid's Club on Wednesday, there were several others at dinner who didn't go to kid's club. Then we had eight children in children's church. Only two of them were at kid's club. There were five kids in the nursery, and two in the sanctuary. In total last week we ministered to 31 children. If we add that to the 22 at the youth lock-in, then last week we ministered to 53 minors!!!! For years we have been praying that God would bring us children. Now God is bringing us children! With the weather as bad as their calling for, we expect a large crowd tonight. Even if you have not yet signed up, just show up. People have put in hours and hours of work to make this a fun experience for the children. If you're unable to make it, please pray. We are providing a fun space, but we are also inviting our neighbors and friends to join us as we become fully committed followers of Jesus! Don't forget next Wednesday is a unique service. NO COMMUNITY DINNER! instead we will have an all saints service at 7:00 pm.

For other fall events see this flier!

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