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The Summer of Fun

This summer continues with many great activities-

Spaghetti Dinner Come support the teens through eating Spaghetti at the dinner tonight!

July 20th-23rd 12 Teens are going camping at Indian Lake as a part of Family Camp. Please be in prayer that the camp speakers with reach their hearts and they become fully committed followers of Jesus. July 22- Womens' Day Out- Meet at the church at 2:30 for a trip to Grand Haven! July 26th NO WEDNESDAY NIGHT

July 27th Whitecaps Baseball Game- In years past we've taken a night to head to the Whitecaps Baseball Game. We're looking at getting group tickets for the whole church to head to a game. tickets are $14. Contact Pastor Ryan if you want to join.

August 1- National Night Out- This is an annual event we host in conjunction with the Wyoming Police Department and Grace Christian University. It is designed to foster community and build relationships between the PD, community members, and the City Government. We could use a few volunteers to help set up, meet neighbors, and invite them to church. August 7-11 Vacation Bible Party - We've got a great week for the kids to learn about God's love. Invite your friends and neighbors to an excellent week. August 7-11 Youth Week! Each year during VBP our teen group has a week of learning about Jesus and goofing around. Invite any teens you know for a fun filled week.

August 26th The Children are having a back to school bash

September 17th- Homecoming! In the past we've hosted an annual picnic this year we're making it even bigger. Make sure to mark you calendars and invite your friends and family. We're inviting anyone who has been a part of Clyde Park to come home for one Sunday. We hope to pack the sanctuary, share a meal, and celebrate God's faithfulness. If there has ever been a Sunday to be here, this is the day!

September 17th- At 6:00 pm we're hosting a Free Indeed Concert.

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